The Ball Machine

$120 Per Year / $12.50 Per Hour

Calling in to reserve the ball machine is advised but not necessary…..walk-ins are permitted. Juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  As a reminder, the ball machine is not available for use when the courts are wet or damp. Doing so will ruin the courts and the tennis balls. 

Ball Machine Use Information*

The ball machine is stored in a small tennis shed near court C. For courts A & B, the plug is located near the wooden shed to the north. For court C, the plug is located on a light post for the backboard to the south. For courts 3 & 4, the plug is located on a light post just north of the center cabana. Please pick-up the tennis balls and put the ball machine back neatly after use. Lastly, make sure the tennis shed is locked and don’t forget to drop the key off at the Front Desk.

*First time users must be given a quick orientation from one of our tennis pros priorto signing-up for the ball machine.