Phone: 310-500-8877
Email: rafaelaiki@gmail.com

Rafael has extensive experience in the field as coach and mentor.
20 years around the globe (Australia, Europe and United States) made
him very successful in the fitness profession and very intuitive in building
the ultimate relationship with valuable clients. Rafael has achieved an
extensive educational background. He has a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Micro-technical and Biomechanics. He is multilingual with
English, Spanish, Italian and French and is fluent with reading, writing
and speaking in all four languages. Nationally certified as a fitness
trainer and licensed in the State of California as a Massage Therapist.
His fascination with sports and his athleticism has stayed with him his
entire life. Rafael played soccer and semi-pro basketball in Europe.
Later he became a Beach Volleyball player in Australia and played on
the AVP Tour in the United States. His professionalism and success is
driven through the commitment he has devoted to sports and education.
Rafael has always been at the forefront of progression in health and
fitness. His philosophy is to keep it simple and fun without compromising
the effectiveness of results. He constantly implements a diverse
program to maintain motivation during each phase.
To facilitate the healing process by providing massage to develop,
maintain, rehabilitate, increase mobility, and prevent physical
dysfunction and pain. Specially trained to improve recovery time, work
on immune system function and circulation, relax tight and tense muscle
and reduce overall stress. Ultimately enabling clients to be more
successful in all facets of their personal, professional, financial, physical,
mental and spiritual life in a more comfortable vessel.
Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Body Stretching and Range of Motion
Modalities/Techniques, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy.
Professionally trained in a broad scope of Western, European and
Oriental massage modalities. Understanding each individual’s specific
issue by tuning in with perceptive listening skills, matching physical
events with pains, and utilizing knowledge based on education, training,
certification and experience. Managed private clientele list of
professional athletes and celebrities in southern California for 11 years.