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Rafael achieved his Certification in Massage Therapy at the California Healing Arts College of Santa Monica. He completed his Master Program with 850+ hours in 2010 and specialized in Sport Massages and Deep Tissue techniques. Thereafter he joined forces with Equinox Fitness and Spa, the most reputable and exclusive club in California, where he completed the 2 years educational Master Massage Therapist Program. The main tasks performed include managements, marketing, treatments and team collaborations with fitness department.


To facilitate the healing process by providing massages to develop, maintain, rehabilitate, increase mobility, prevent physical dysfunction and pain. Specially trained to improve recovery time, work on immune system function and circulation, relax tight and tense muscles and reduce overall stress. Ultimately enabling clients to be more successful in all facets of their personal, professional, financial, physical, mental and spiritual life in a more comfortable vessel.


Sports Massage; Deep Tissue; Shiatsu; Stretching and Range of Motion Techniques; Craniosacral; Swedish; Hot Stones.


Involving the application of massage and stretch techniques to the muscle and connective tissues of the body to enhance athletic performance and to improve patience general wellness. Applying specific treatments to address sport injuries as directly muscle injuries or chronic muscle dysfunction caused by lifestyle. Assisting patience to increase range of movement, flexibility and to relieve muscles soreness in order to prevent injury and promote faster recovery from both training and injury or daily life activities. Treating athlete patience to advantage Pre-Event, Inter-Event, Post-Event, Rehabilitation and Post Rehab.


To book an appointment please contact Rafael @ (310)500-8877. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please act accordingly to avoid charges.


30 Minute Massage – $40.00

60 Minute Massage – $80.00

90 Minute Massage – $120.00

120 Minute Massage – $ 160.00

Intro-Offer Packages

3×30 Minute Session – $120.00

3×60 Minute Session – -$240.00*

3×90 Minute Session – $360.00*

3×120 Minute Session $480.00*

*Includes the BONUS of 1×30 Minutes GIFT CERTIFICATE!

5 Sessions Pack

5×30 Minute Session – $200.00

5×60 Minute Session – $400.00*

5×90 Minute Session – $600.00*

5×120 Minute Session – $800.00*

*Includes the BONUS of 1×60 Minutes GIFT CERTIFICATE!

12 Sessions HOLIDAY PACK

12×60 Minute Session – $1000.00*

*Includes the BONUS of 3×60 Minutes GIFT CERTIFICATE!


In order to get results you need to fully commit. There are no shortcuts. Consistency and high discipline are highly expected. Therefore it is imperative for your own health benefit  to invest energy and time to achieve the ultimate physical and mental balance.


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